10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for Winter

10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for Winter

About a week ago around 8:30 at night, a friend texted me asking if my oldest daughter could babysit her kids the next day because she had to go to a birth.  She’s a midwife.   But it started snowing, and we were supposed to get 3-6 inches.  It’s not that big of a deal in central Illinois, but when it starts as rain and changes to sleet and then to snow it causes all kinds of havoc.

Due to a series of events, we ended up watching her kids at our house.  I texted her around 10:30 am.  She told me that a 2-hour drive took her TWELVE hours.  Yes, I spelled that right T-W-E-L-V-E hours!!  In freezing temperatures.  She said twice, she had to stop for more than two hours and turn her car off.  It reminded me of how important it is that our cars are equipped for winter in all its glory.

The Prepared Vehicle

10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for WinterAs many of you know, I’ve already done a pretty extensive series on The Prepared Vehicle.

We need to winterize our vehicles

Kitty Litter (or sand)

I can see some of you nodding, some of you scratching your heads, and some of you aren’t sure if I’ve switched the topic of this post to pets.  Kitty litter does two things for you.  It weighs down the back of your vehicle which in turn gives you more traction in your vehicle.

The second thing that kitty litter does is that if you get stuck, you can put kitty litter under your tires to help your tires have something of which to grab a hold.

10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for WinterBlankets

If my friend hadn’t had two blankets she would have been in trouble.  Her assistant almost lost her toes because she got stuck and had NO blankets in her car.  Make sure that you have at least one for every two people.  One per person would be better, but there can be space constraints.

Mylar Blankets

An alternative to conventional blankets is Mylar blankets.  We have one of these per person stashed in our vehicle.  They are small and made of a type of flexible metal.  They work because they reflect body heat that you are giving off back to your body.

Handwarmers and Footwarmers

Fortunately, these don’t take up much space either, but they will help everyone’s hand and feet stay warm!

Car scraper

Car scrapers are a must have even if you have a garage.  If you are out and about and it starts to sleet or snow, you will need a way to clean off your windshield.

Windshield wiper fluid  10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for Winter

I have been stuck driving a couple of hours without windshield wiper fluid.  Let’s just say, you don’t want to do it.  Even if you just carry a quart of it with you, make sure you have some.


If you get stuck, you want to have flares with you.  This will both alert those around you to the fact that you are in trouble as well as call help if you need it.  Make sure you have a set with you.


10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for WinterIf you get stuck and you need to dig a tire or tires out, then you will want a shovel with you.

Battery Powered Radio

If something happens to your car, you may need to hear what is going on around you, so you know how to plan.  Having a battery powered radio on hand in your car could be incredibly helpful.

Every time you go out you should there are certain things everyone should have

  • warm coat10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for Winter
  • gloves
  • hat
  • heavy-duty socks
  • sturdy footwear
  • scarf

Things you should already have…

But there are things that you should already have.  Don’t just assume if you get everything that was listed earlier that you’ve got it all.  Here are some links to help you make sure you have the other things that you need as well.  Don’t get caught without things that you and your family need.

10 Items to Add to Your Vehicle for WinterHave food and drink

Have a plan for sanitation

Be prepared to provide comfort.

Have a plan for first aid and illness prevention

Have a way to protect yourself and your family.

What About You?

Do you have any other items that you would suggest keeping in your car for the wintertime?  We’d love to hear.  Leave a comment below.

Together lets Love, Learn, Practice, Overcome

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